Newborn photography

It is an honour to be the first to capture your newborn's professional images.  Your newborn's safety is of utmost importance to me throughout the session.  Where possible, I use natural light for the session, however, given Darwin's stormy wet seasons, at times I will bounce flash light to fill if too dark.  There are lots of cuddles, soothing rocking and sounds, and lots of patience.  I ask you to sit back and relax while I work my magic to capture your little one.  I am used to crying babies, little accidents, and stopping for feeds to ensure your baby is milk drunk and happy!  The more relaxed parents are, the more relaxed bub is.  I allow plenty of time to ensure we get the right images. 

I offer two different styles of newborn photography.  See below for information about the different session types.  You can click on their titles to view galleries of example images.

  • Newborn Studio Photography

    Newborn studio photography is conducted in the comfort of my studio. These sessions are usually conducted when Bub is between 2-12 days old when they are more sleepy and easier to pose.

    The sessions generally take 2-3 hours depending on bub's sleeping and feeding patterns.

    Props and prop outfits are supplied as part of the session costs.

    Parents and siblings are welcome to be a part of a few photos either in the studio or at nearby Gunn lakes (if at lakes, needs to be an early morning or late afternoon session).

    As my studio is cosy, I do ask that if siblings are to participate in some of the images, that they come either at the beginning or end of the session and that a family member then takes them away for the remainder of the session. This helps ensure everyone remains relaxed and bub can get to the sleepy state required for the posed nature of studio sessions.

  • Newborn Lifestyle Photography

    Newborn lifestyle photography differs from the traditional newborn photography. Props, backdrops, and posing beanbags are traded for the natural setting of your home. Your home and surroundings become part of the images created of this special time, creating memories of not only how little your newborn was but also where you lived, and how life was like for your family when they arrived and changed your lives forever. Most parents generally want these sessions captured whilst bub is still very little, to record the first moments. However, these sessions are ideal at any stage in bub's first year and beyond. So don't feel like you 'missed the boat' if bub is a little older!

    This documentary style of newborn session captures the love and joy that you as new parents and, if desired, other family members feel towards your newborn baby. I capture real moments in a real environment. Siblings, grandparents and other significant people in your life are welcome to be a part of the session. Family pets are also welcome to feature in images. It's about celebrating new life, innocence, family, love and happiness by capturing the beauty of reality during such a special and fleeting moment in your lives.